20 Easter Basket Ideas for the Entire Family

So in our last post we dished out a few ideas for Easter Dinner, but now its time for the most important part… THE EASTER BASKET.


Some times it’s hard to come up with new gift ideas year after year.  Kids are generally pretty easy to get excited about Easter no matter what’s in the basket, but what about an older child, or even an adult? Yes adults can get Easter Baskets too – no matter how old you are it’s totally cool to give, or get an Easter Basket! Or is that just my excuse to give and get gifts? Anyway, here is a list of 20 Easter Basket Gift Ideas for the entire family.

  1. My First Easter Bib – We wouldn’t want to ruin the brand new pastel colored Easter outfit now would we?
  2. Hide n Squeak Eggs – These look so fun, I might have to buy one for myself!
  3. Wubbanub Plush Pacifier Toy – Babies love these, and it helps keep the pacifier in their hands rather than on the floor.
  4. Velveteen Rabbit Book – This is a must have for every child, it brings me back : )
  5. Green Sprouts Stacking Cup Set – They are pastel..they will fit in the Easter basket..and they will keep the baby entertained. Phew!

  1. Barbie Easter Doll – All little girls want a Barbie – or two, or three, or four.
  2. Temporary Easter Tatoos – Fun for boys and girls.  This should hold them off from wanting a real one until they are at least 18.
  3. Animal Print Plastic Eggs – Way more cool than plain plastic eggs – plus you can fill them with cash or coins for a pleasant surprise!
  4. The First Tip for an Easter Egg Hunt – Too tired to plan a hunt yourself? This kit should do the trick.
  5. Crayons or Markers – So they can write “I Love You Mommy” all over your walls :)

  1. Flower Seeds or for non-gardeners a Solar Flower – What’s spring without flowers?
  2. Easter Egg Ornaments – A classy touch for any room.
  3. Easter Pink Nail Polish – Pink is the new black… or was that last year? Either way these colors will look great.
  4. Electric Egg Cooker – Ugh how long DOES it take to hard boil eggs?? Who cares I’ve got an Electric Egg Cooker!
  5. Floral Perfume – You are never fully dressed without perfume.

  1. Razors – Remind them as they trim their beard that the grass will soon be on its way. Hehe.
  2. Baseball Memorbilia – It’s that time of year again… embrace it.
  3. Cologne – Spring smells nice, so should our men.  Please and thank you.
  4. A Diamond Bracelet – Oops oh wait that’s for you… get it anyway, you deserve it!
  5. A Pink Easter Tie – Real men wear pink!!!

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