3 Earth Day Activities

Earth Day 2011 is quickly approaching! Involving yourself in different activities on the holiday is a great way of going green. Here are three Earth Day activities for April 22nd.

On April 22, 1970, Gaylord Nelson, a United States Senator, founded the first Earth Day in an attempt to bring about a better understanding of the affect we have on our planet, and calling us to take action to make positive environmental changes in our community.

1. Attend a recycling event. Recycling events are held throughout most communities in the US on Earth Day. There are some simple rules to recycling events you’ll want to know about. For a full explanation check out Earth Day 2011.

2. Play a green related game. If you have children Earth Day is a great way to educate them on the importance of going green. Scholastic has a big list of Earth Day games you and your children can enjoy.

3. Make a donation. If this is your first Earth Day it might be easier to simply make a donation to an Earth activist group. Donating will get money in the right hands so they can help protect our planet.

For a full rundown on everything related to Earth Day head over to Earth Day Network.

If you have any Earth Day pictures post them up on the Stock N’ Go Facebook wall. Leave a comment below to tell everyone how you plan on celebrating Earth Day.

~ Claire

(Image courtesy of Earth Day Network)



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  • Earth Day is the perfect time to consider ways we can make our planet a better place. These are all great ideas. I love trees and hate when people cut down big beautiful trees that have taken years to mature to such beauty so I took the time this past week to plant a new tree in honor of Earth Day. Trees help make our air cleaner.

    • NO kidding! I really wish people wouldn’t tear down beautiful trees. Supporting Earth Day is just one way to stop this from happening.

  • You can also get outside and go for a litter walk or help clean up a local park. Adopting an animal at the local zoo or becoming a member of a local zoo, park or nature center is also a great way to recognize the day!
    Great ideas.

    • Yea, those are great ideas as well! Hope you had a wonderful Earth Day.

  • Thanks for the great comment on my blog! These are great activities for Earth Day, just wish I would of been on my computer sooner.

    I agree with you about tearing down trees. Why can’t we support Earth instead of destroying it?

    Hope you have a great day! Peace and love to ya.

    • Thanks for visiting and glad you enjoyed the post. We should live everyday like Earth Day I think!

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