3 Tips For Picking a New Hair Color

When a new season comes around I often find myself wanting a new hair color. This is especially the case as we transition from the dark and gloomy winter into the bright Spring/Summer. There are many factors that come into play when choosing what color you want to go with when you color your hair so I’ve put together a list of three tips for you to use.

1.  Don’t just choose the trendiest color available. Obviously red hair is huge right now. Tons of stars are doing it. But the red hair look is pretty bold and may not be for everyone.  Marie Robinson from Glamour magazine says, “It’s always a good rule of thumb to start on the more subtle end of the spectrum, because you can always go bolder.” Take this into account when choosing between the newest hair color trends.

2. Complement your skin tone. Your look is like putting together an ensemble. You want a skirt and shirt to match just like you want your skin and hair to. Sort of like a hair color chart, Lifescript has a guide to match any type of skin, Check it out and see what works best for you!

3. Take a test. Not every hair color is going to work with you current hair or skin tone. So let’s just make it simple. Total Beauty has an easy six-question quiz to help you decide what should be your new hair color.

Do you plan on coloring your hair anytime soon? Have any other tips for choosing the right hair color? Let everyone know by leaving a comment below!

~ Claire

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  • I love red hair but you are right it doesn’t work on everyone. A good hair color can really boost ones confidence.

    • That’s for sure! A new hair color can always boost your confidence especially when it’s the perfect color for you

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