5 Easy Tips to Green Your Work Week

Recently a friend asked me to come up with some ways to green up her work week. Like a lot of people, she leads a busy life and wanted some ideas for some simple things she could do that wouldn’t require a lot of effort on her part. These tips fit the bill; almost everyone can incorporate one or two into their schedule.

1. Put a green kit in your car. Fill up a bag – a reusable one, not a plastic bag – with some things you might need. Put in things like hand lotion and an Instant Cold Pack. The bag can do double duty: If you have to make a stop at the grocery store, you won’t have to use one of their plastic bags because you’ll have your own already on hand.

2. Ride your bike to work one day a week. Bring a change of clothes to work when you drive there on Monday morning. If feasible, ride your bike to work one day a week, and you’ll have clothing to change into when you get there. You don’t have to do it every day; commuting by bike just one day a week helps keep you and the air we breathe healthier. And don’t worry about showering after your ride; throwing some wipes or a wash cloth in your desk drawer will do the trick just as well.

3. Pack a lunch. Get a reusable lunch bag or box and make your own lunch. Use some of those containers you’ve got clogging up your cabinet – I know you’ve got some – and bring foods like fruit and a sandwich. Not only will you cut down on packaging waste, you’ll be eating healthier. And if you stuff your lunch box with locally grown fruit and produce, so much the better.

4. Brainstorm with a co-worker. Ask your co-workers for ideas for green living; maybe they’ll want to commute together, or they’ll join you on your bike ride to work. You never know until you ask.

5. Recycle at work. This can be as simple as making sure everyone has easy access to a recycle bin to throw items in when they’re finished with them. It’s a lot easier to use the recycle bin when you know where it is. Once I worked in an office that had their recycle bin hidden in the storage room; it was inconvenient to get to, and hardly anyone used it. When I moved it to the break room and made sure it was labeled prominently, everyone used it.

It’s easy to green up your work week; these things are not hard to do. Changing the way you do just one thing can help tremendously. Do you have any ideas for greening your work week? Let me know on twitter, Facebook, or just leave a comment here.


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