5 Great Reasons to Eat in Season

There are many benefits to eating in season and with Spring coming on strong, now is the best time to do so!  Below are a 5 reasons why it benefits your body as well as your pocket, to eat fruits and vegetables that are in season.

  1. In season food contains more nutrients, more flavor and typically has less genetic modification.  When fruits and veggies are in season, they are at their best!
  2. Eating local and in season reduces the distance your food has to travel, making it more sustainable.
  3. Eating what is in season and available means you are more likely to eat a variety of foods throughout the year. Interestingly enough, winter produce tends to have a higher caloric content.  In colder climates the body has to work harder to keep warm and mother-nature created foods to supply the body with enough energy.  So if you want to be beach ready for summer, stick to the summer fruits and vegetables!
  4. Buying local and in season is typically lower in cost as the cost of shipping is eliminated.  Click HERE for a list of the cheapest fruits and vegetables month-by-month.
  5. The feel good part about eating is season is that while you are choosing to eat healthier and more affordable foods, you are also supporting local farmers and families.  When your money goes back into the community it greatly boosts your local economy; businesses flourish, housing values increase, and more money is available for schools, roads and the community in general.



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