5 Green Tips for Valentine’s Day

5 green tips for Valentine’s day. Typically, with Valentine’s Day you think of roses, chocolates, jewelry, and other gifts to let special people in your life know you care about them. This year we have some tips for you to stay environmentally savvy while celebrating the holiday. These suggestions help the environment and are a little more creative than a box of chocolates. This Valentines’s Day make green the new red courtesy of Think Green From Home. Happy Valentine’s Day everybody!

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1•   Do It Yourself Greeting Cards:  Take a page from the Kindergarten crowd, bypass the store and make your own card on recycled paper.  A little elbow grease, some careful thought and recycled pictures can go a long way toward saying you care.  For an easy idea, use photos from an old magazine to illustrate the card and scan of copy a color photo of the recipient to create a tailor-made greeting.

2•   You’ve Got Mail: Speaking of Kindergarten, why not go back in time and make a Valentine’s Day mailbox to deliver your card.  Find an old shoebox, line it with recycled paper, cut a slot in the top and decorate with their favorite colors.  Plus, it’s something you can keep and use again, year after year.

3•   Forget Fresh Cut Flowers:  Resist the age-old urge to purchase fresh cut roses or the flower of your choice.  They don’t last as long as you think, then end up in the trash, adding to amount of waste generated at Valentine’s Day.  If your loved one has their heart set on flowers, go with a potted plant or flowers like tulips or a hydrangea that can be enjoyed on Valentine’s Day, then planted outside when Spring finally arrives.

4•   Bake The Best: Sure chocolates are a huge hit on Valentine’s Day, but you can easily ditch the pre-packaged treats and make your own.  The grocery store has plenty of specialty cookies, brownies, cakes and fudge you can bake.  Yes, you can do it, just follow the directly exactly.  It’s often cheaper than purchasing pre-packed products, there is less packaging waste, plus baking yourself adds to “the thought that counts.”

5•   Dine On A Dime:  Know your Valentine and plan accordingly for dinner.  If you can cook, fire up the oven or grill and make dinner for your sweetheart.  You can typically get more for your money by cooking at home, plus you save on gas money.  You can also go organic with your grocery purchase and be more environmentally savvy.

And don’t forget about buying in bulk!  SNG offers discount hair products so buying in bulk makes sense. And this year for Valentines SNG is also giving everyone an extra 10% off al items! We wanna make sure your Valentine’s Day is green and red.

Please share with us how you are planning on making green the new red.


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  • great tips! homemade gifts always mean the most, gonna have to try making my own valentines cake!

    • Good luck! I’m sure it’ll come out great.

  • Love the ideas. Some of my favorite things have been made by the people I LOVE. We should all be a little more creative when it comes to gift giving.

    • It definitely never hurts to be a little more creative. Points for originality at least!

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