5 Star Review on American Crew Pomade

What can American Crew do for you?

  • American Crew Pomade provides excellent hold, control and shine.
  • Pliable hold works well on rough textured styles.
  • Use American Crew Pomade to slick your straight hair or scrunch a more creative style.
  • Perfect for controlling either curly or straight hair; it’s great for all hair types.

But don’t take it from us… below is a very informative user review that we found on Epinoins.com!


American Crew Pomade
Unlike many hair fixatives such as gels, sprays and mousse, American Crew Pomade holds my hair in place without stiffening it.  I hate that feeling.  This product produces a soft, medium hold that leaves my hair with a degree of wet look and shiny.  Ah, there’s nothing so nice as evenly salt and pepper hair that is soft and shiny, and above all, in place.

How does it do it?
I think the secret of its powers can be found in a couple of the first four ingredients of its formula.  After water, the next most abundant ingredient is hydrogenated castor oil.  A little known factoid is that of all the oils commonly used in soap-making and hair-care products is that castor oil is among the most conditioning of oils.  It’s known for its ability to attract and retain moisture.  Good choice here.  Then there’s lanolin, long known for its ability to hold a sheen.  Of course there is also a long list of non-pronounceable ingredients that I’m sure aid in its holding ability. Who cares?

How to Use It
After showering, I towel dry my hair and then take a very small amount of pomade and rub it into my hands.  I then run my hands through my hair.  Taking a brush to my hair, it sets up nicely and gives my hair a bit of a wet spiky look to it.  No, it probably wouldn’t have gone over to well in the US Army, but it has a nice current look to it.  Although it has castor oil in it, combined with all of the other ingredients the pomade is water soluble and rinses off your hands easily.

What is especially nice about American Crew Pomade is that it does indeed last all day.  Even if I put it on first thing in the morning, it’s still giving me hold later in the evening.  This is pretty impressive considering it doesn’t glue you hair in place.

While my hair is short and reasonably straight, American Crew Pomade is also recommended for controlling both curly and straight hair of longer lengths and giving a slicked back wet look.

While it is possible to go a second morning without shampooing by simply putting a little water through your hair, it does seem to work best if it’s washed out of your hair between applications.  Applying more pomade to unwashed hair results in a little too much oil upon oil, flattening your hair.

Bottom Line
I like a hair product that doesn’t turn my hair stiff and doesn’t have to be sprayed.  American Crew Pomade really fits those requirements.  At $10 – $15 for a 3.35 oz jar, it may sound a little pricy, but considering how little you use for each application, I find it quite reasonably priced.  And, if you know me, you know that I don’t part with money easily.  I highly recommend American Crew Pomade.  Try it.

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