5 Steps to Healthy, Shiny Hair

Shiny hair: doesn’t everyone want it? I’m always looking for ways to make my hair look more shiny. But this isn’t always an easy task since most people put their hair through different things that harm it everyday. Things like too much heat styling and coloring. Luckily, there is hope! I’ve put together five tips for how to get shiny hair.

1. Keep it simple. Make sure simple products like your shampoo and conditioner will help you on your goal of shiny hair. Try finding products that have active silkening agents. These will give you an extra shimmer after just one use.

2. Get in touch with your tools. The road to shiny hair includes using the tools you have at your disposal. According to Glamour, “Use ionic flatirons and curling irons to de-frizz strands. They also work better at sealing shine to the cuticle than non-ionic dryers.” Embrace your tools and you’ll have healthy hair in no time.

3. Prepare your hair for heat. Before blow-drying your hair, spritz it with a thermal spray. It will protect your hair from the heat and also add a shine while you blow-dry.

4. Moisturize! Every season has it’s difficulties for your hair. Things like frizz in the Spring and Summer. The Daily Makeover says properly hydrated hair has the best chance to fight the negative effects of weather conditions. For super shiny hair add a hydrating hair mask to your routine.

5. The timesaver. If you are in a rush and haven’t been taking care of your hair there’s no need to worry. You can use a shimmer spray for dry hair, it’s just a spray with tiny shimmer particles that’s easy to use and quick fix.


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