5 Tips For Low Maintenance Highlight Hairstyles

We all want fun and beautiful hair. But honestly, who has the time for massive upkeep? Sometimes a simple approach works best. Less time working on your hair means more time to enjoy how fun it looks! Thankfully Lucky Magazine has put together 5 tips for low maintenance highlight hairstyles.

Cool highlights are the perfect solution to change up a boring and conservative look. They permit trendy women to express their creativity while getting a more vibrant and richer hair color in the process.


Rule #1: Work with your original color. Use shades that are slightly lighter (up to three-and-a-half shades) but close to your natural color.

Rule #2: Focus mostly on the ends. It’s beachy and sexy, and you don’t get the problem of roots nearly as fast.

Rule #3: Create a shiny blur with a glaze. To blend the highlights (and add serious gleam), apply both a clear and a honey-tinted one.

Rule #4: Wear your hair down. If your hair’s pulled back, you’ll have to recolor around the three-month mark to brighten up the hairline a bit. If it’s down, you could make it five months.

Rule #5: Touch up your roots yourself. Part your hair the way you normally would, then pull it into a ponytail. Dip a clean mascara wand into the product and apply it to a few strands around your part and hairline. Leave it in for 10 minutes, then rinse.

Also remember, The overprocessed yellow blonde that was so fabulous in the nineties looks dated now. Try and go for a more natural look. The key is to have people wonder where you went on vacation, not if you just got your hair colored.

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