A Lesson on Arbor Day

Spring is a wonderful season for going green! We had Earth Day last Friday and now Arbor Day 2011 is this Friday, the 30th. Here’s a brief History on the holiday, as well as some ideas on how you can celebrate it.

Care2 has published an informational history of Arbor Day. “Founded by journalist J. Sterling Morton in 1872, Arbor Day is celebrated on the last Friday in April. Using his forum as a journalist, he encouraged both individuals and community organizations to plant trees. Having settled in the largely treeless state of Nebraska, Morton began the campaign as a way to increase the number of trees for windbreaks to keep soil in place, for fuel and building materials, and for shade. The first celebration began as a contest offering prizes to counties and individuals for planting the largest number of trees on that day. The contest was a huge success with over one million trees planted in Nebraska on the first Arbor Day.”

Most communities throughout the US still celebrate Arbor Day by planting trees. Planting a tree can be a little difficult for a new gardener to accomplish. Luckily, The Stir has put together a great checklist for how to plant a tree.

For a full list of Arbor Day activities make sure to check out the Arbor Day Foundation website. Let us know how you plan on celebrating the holiday by leaving a comment below!

~ Claire

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  • Great idea! It’s too bad more people aren’t concerned with saving trees. If you must take down a tree, think about planting one somewhere else to make up for the loss.

    • Exactly! If you’e going to take down a tree at least move it somewhere or plant a new one!

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