Our mission is….

Meet the best thing to happen since you and shopping got together.

Think personalized attention, intuitive navigation, and prices so smart they’re genius. See, at Stockn’Go we’re not just another online store. And you’re not just another fish in the sea. When you ask us questions, we’ll answer them. When you give us feedback, we’ll pay attention. When you show us a lower price, we’ll beat it. In the near future when you make a purchase, we’ll give you rewards points (it’s being worked on right now ). And when you’re looking for the best in brand-name health and beauty, personal care, hair care, and household products without having to break the bank – well, we’ll give it to you.

Life’s complicated. Shopping shouldn’t be.

It’s simple. We’re here to make shopping way more convenient and way less time-consuming. Just create a free account, log on, and purchase what you want. While you stock up, we’ll make note of the things you buy, including your favorite brands and products. So every time you visit Stockn’Go, you’ll benefit from an increasingly intuitive interface and enhanced shopping experience – complete with personalized product suggestions and price comparisons, consumer reviews, promotions and discounts, free shipping, and prices below anything you’ll ever pay at retail. Seriously. Oh, and did we mention our Price Beat Guarantee, which will make you feel good that you are getting everything at the best price possible. We know. It makes us giddy, too.

We get what’s important to you.

We’ve been in your shoes. And when you’re juggling a thousand-and-one things, dragging yourself to the drug store is, well, a drag. Not to mention a waste of gas, effort, and precious downtime. So why bother making the trip when you don’t have to? At Stockn’Go, we make it a point – no, a mission – to create tangible shopping solutions that actually keep you in mind and complement, even improve, your life. So instead of running around looking for the toiletries aisle, you can leave the chores to us. All you need to do is click, order, and answer the door when the goods arrive.

Meet our team:

Claire aka StocknGo

Claire writes the beauty posts for the blog. She searches the web for writers who are passionate about saving time, money, fashion, beauty, and more. If this describes you please send her a direct message via Twitter.

Cameron aka Leaklight

Cameron produces the green posts for the blog. Going green is a huge part of Cameron’s life. He is also the voice behind Leaklight, which is his personal lifestyle blog.