Biosilk Silk Therapy – good for hair, good for skin.

If you haven’t tried Biosilk Silk Therapy before – you are missing out! This lightweight, silky smooth formula is great for any hair type. Not only does it make your hair look silky, shiny and smooth, but it nourishes the hair, smooth’s the cuticle and helps repair split ends. This treatment can be used daily, weekly or any time in between, and will leave you will leave you with beautiful, healthy looking hair. What many don’t know is that Biosilk Silk Therapy also contains sunscreen, to help protect the hair from harmful rays, AND can double up as a skin moisturizer!

How do you apply?

1. Wash and condition your hair with a good shampoo and conditioner. The manufacturer recommends using Biosilk Silk Therapy Shampoo and Biosilk Silk Therapy Conditioner for best results.

2. Apply a small amount to the top of your scalp and/or through and to the ends of your hair. For short or fine hair use a dime size amount and for longer hair use an amount the size of a quarter. The best option is to start small and apply more as needed so that you don’t apply more than your hair can handle and end up looking greasy.

3. Blow dry and style your hair as usual. Biosilk can be applied to both wet and dry hair so feel free to add a touch more to tame any remaining fly-aways and frizzy hair.


Stockn’Go Customer Reviews of Biosilk Silk Therapy:

“As always, the Biosilk is a wonderful product and a great bargain whether purchased as one or in bulk.”

“I use this product on my frizzy natural curly hair and it smooth’s it well taking away the frizz. It is lightweight and smells good.”

“I put Bio Silk on my hair daily. Makes my hair shine and looks twice as full. I love it. Plus it is half the price of my beauty salon. Great Buy.”

“I use this product and no other (except sun screen)for all of my skin care. I have had it absolutely clear up my psoriasis, rosacea, eczema, and fade old scars to where they are barely visible. I use it daily on my lips and haven’t had my lips chap or split since I began using it several years ago.”

“This is the one product in my Hair and Skin collection that I use for everything. I love the way it smells, the absolute ease of application and how it makes my skin feel (soft and supulent) and my hair (shiny and smooth). I recommend this product to anyone with dry skin and is looking to use something simple and smart.”


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