Brighten Colored or Highlighted Hair

Ok, we’ve all had it happen: We dye or highlight our hair, and the color is gorgeous. In what seems like no time, the color has faded from rich to dreary. There is a noticeable loss of color and tone, and we’re just not happy with it anymore.

Joico Color Endure can fix dull, dyed hair and extend the life of your highlighting or coloring. Really. It’s a process that preserves, protects, and nurtures your hair. It leaves your hair vibrant and lush, and keeps your color true. You can preserve your color for much longer, and you no longer have to worry about faded, drab hair.

Joico Color Endure is made especially for color treated hair. It uses green tea antioxidants and contains a broad spectrum UV protectant, so sun damage and free-radicals that can destroy your hair color are neutralized. The products also contain a formula specifically designed to strengthen and moisturize color treated or damaged hair.

Color Endure Shampoo:
Pamper your hair with this lovely color preserving shampoo, which gently cleans and protects your hair without fading your color. Your hair color or highlights will last much longer and there won’t be any tone changes. No more brassiness, and no more dull, drab hair color.

Color Endure Conditioner:

Your color stays superb with this great color-preserving conditioner. Your hair is left soft, strong, and manageable, and brassy tones are neutralized. Highlighted hair is brightened, and your hair will look and feel wonderful.

Joico Color Endure products are scented with a luxurious floral blend that smells absolutely wonderful. Jasmine, violet, sandalwood, and amber are blended together to give you a lush scent that’s never overpowering and always subtle. I’ve been known to open the bottle just to smell it. :) The scent surrounds you subtly all day; every time your hair moves, you get another sweet waft of scent. Lovely.

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