Buying for Baby

Buying for Baby

Thanks to the 50 Shades of Gray phenomenon that has swept the globe, we are set to experience the biggest baby boom in over 40 years!

If you’re expecting a little bundle of joy yourself, the prospect of baby shopping can be one filled with excitement but also apprehension. After the initial thrill of a positive pregnancy test, the reality of having a baby sets in. With so much to buy, it can be difficult to know where to start, especially if it’s for your first baby. How many types of pacifiers should I buy? Should I get a milk expresser? And will I really need a heated wipe warmer?!

If panic is setting in, don’t worry – it all starts with a list! It might seem to be terrifyingly long at first, but if you pace yourself and start early it won’t be that bad – we promise! Start off by purchasing one or two items a week and before you know it, you’ll have your whole list checked off! This is also a great way to help spread the cost and take advantage of special offers throughout the year.

So, what are the essentials? Well, unless you’ll be using the reusable cloth type, diapers are a must. If there’s anything worth buying in bulk, it’s definitely diapers – you’ll be amazed at just how many you get through! Even if you’re using cloth diapers, it’s advisable to buy some disposable ones as a back-up for emergencies. Most babies will experience a bout of diaper rash at some point, so it’s best to have some absorbent cotton and cream in stock for when it happens.

Where babies are involved, there will always be a need for baby wipes – and plenty of them! Wipes are useful for so many things, not just when changing diapers. You’ll find they will become one of the most useful accessories in your bag – whether it’s for cleaning high-chairs, wiping sticky fingers or cleaning up spillages. With such a long shelf-life, you might as well buy in bulk!

Babies have sensitive and delicate skin, so at bath time it’s important to use mild products. Johnson’s classic baby shampoo has a ‘No More Tears’ formula that is as gentle as pure water. Afterwards, treat your baby’s skin with a gentle baby powder to leave it feeling soft, smooth and smelling deliciously baby-fresh! Baby oil is a great way to keep the skin moisturized and protects against dryness and itching.

Although it might seem a long time off, your baby will start cutting teeth before you know it – those months really fly by! So be prepared with teething pain relief gel.

Anyone who has experience with babies knows that a good bedtime routine is the key to a restful night’s sleep. Using a baby bedtime lotion can help to soothe your little one with calming scents. There will be plenty of sleepless nights ahead, so stock up on the eye drops and coffee and enjoy the ride!

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