Chi Silk Infusion Review

I’m constantly on the search for good hair products. I want my hair to be shiny, silky, and healthy. On a friend’s recommendation, I decided to try Chi Silk Infusion.

And guess what? It works.

You just use a few drops on your hair. Apply a small amount into the palm of your hand and work evenly through your hair from the scalp to the ends. Then you just style as usual. It’s the best leave in conditioner I think I’ve ever tried.

The heat and humidity of the summer always make my hair frizz, but not with Chi Silk Infusion. No frizz, and my hair feels as soft as silk. It smells great, too.

There is no alcohol in this product, so it won’t dry your hair out. You can use it every day. It’s also a thermal protectant, so you won’t get hair damage from using heat styling products or from the sun. It’s made by the makers of the best hair straighteners available (in my opinion), so of course it would protect your hair from heat styling.

You can use the Chi flat iron to curl, straighten, and style your hair. Here’s a great video that demonstrates that:

Do you use Chi Silk Infusion? How about any of the Chi products, including straighteners? Do you like them? Let me know on twitter, Facebook, or leave me a message here on the blog.


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