Common Complexion Problems and How to Fix Them

Do you have complexion problems? Makeup can be hard to apply when you don’t know how to make it look good. Here are some common complexion problems, and tips on how to correct them.

Do you have a sallow or olive complexion? You want to warm it up, and take away the yellow tones. Use a pinkish primer before you put on foundation. To warm up a sallow complexion, start with a pink-based primer, focusing along your forehead and cheeks. Then, blend on a foundation that matches your natural skin tone.

Do you have a red or ruddy complexion? Redness is usually concentrated around and on the nose and cheeks. Use an illuminating foundation on those areas. Blend the areas and fill in the outer edges of your face with your regular foundation.

If your face is paler than the rest of your body, you can even it out with a self tanner. Jergen’s Daily Glow Face Moisturizer is perfect for this. It will tan you gradually while giving you the daily moisturizer you need. It also comes in tanning for your specific skin tone, which is great. You don’t want to get your face darker than the rest of your body. If you need to even your face out immediately, brush on a little bronzer. Don’t go overboard – hit the high points of your face. Cheeks, nose, and jaw line dusted with bronzer give you the illusion of a tan. All over bronzer on your face just makes you look too made up.

Is your complexion dull? This quick trick can give your face a glow you won’t believe. It will exfoliate gently, and make your skin soft. Dab Pepto Bismol on your face with a cotton ball, skipping the eye area. Leave it on for three minutes, then wash it off. The ingredients in the product are the same as in a lot of exfoliating peels, but with an added ingredient that makes it gentler. Don’t do this more than once a week, and don’t leave it on for longer than three minutes. Your skin will be unbelievably pretty. Try it!

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