Daily Deal – Mitchum Roll On Antiperspirant, Unscented

StocknGo has a Daily Deal, and what a deal for you! Today’s deal is Mitchum Roll on Un-Scented, 2.5 oz, and today’s price is 4.49. The regular list price is $5.59, so that’s a savings of $1.10. That’s a great deal!

Keep dry – or keep the man in your life dry – with Mitchum anti-perspirant and deodorant. It’s strong protection, unscented so that it has no perfumes that can cause breakouts and reddened skin on sensitive skin, and is clinically tested to provide effective protection against wetness. Powerful, long-lasting odor fighters keep working all day long when you use Mitchum antiperspirant. It’s clinically tested to provide effective protection against wetness and has the maximum level of active ingredient to keep you dry and odor free all day long.

Even if you don’t have sensitive skin, the unscented nature of this deodorant is perfect for you: You can add body sprays or colognes and not worry about them clashing with the smell of your deodorant. If you have a favorite scent, wear Mitchum unscented and smell only your favorite fragrance.

Mitchum is a good, long-lasting deodorant and antiperspirant. No matter what you’re doing, trusty Mitchum deodorant protects you. Whether you are doing a round of strenuous tennis or you’re playing handball or you’re running on a hot summer day, Mitchum deodorant and antiperspirant keeps on doing what it’s supposed to. And since it stands up to strenuous activity, you can trust it for your day to day needs.

Getting your personal and beauty products from StocknGo Daily Deals can save you tons of money. The savings on the Daily Deal for Mitchum Deodorant and Anti-Perspirant alone is 20%. Now just multiply that number by all the personal and beauty product you spend monthly and see what that figure adds up to. You can’t go wrong with Daily Deals!


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