Daily Deal – Sexy Bath and Body Pumpkin Butter Body Cream

Daily Deal! Woohoo! Sexy Bath and Body Pumpkin Butter Body Cream is on sale today, 19% off. Sexy Bath and Body Pumpkin Butter Body Cream is full of pumpkin enzymes that contain high levels of beta carotene (that’s Vitamin A, for those who don’t know). Beta carotene helps protect your skin against environmental stressors and also helps to decreases oxidation and the free radicals that can make your skin look older. The beta carotene encourages cell turnover, which means in simple terms that your skin will begin to put out new cells, replacing the old ones. The immediate benefit to you is skin that looks healthy, glowing, and luscious.

Everyone knows that you must moisturize your skin in winter, but the summer sun and the things we do in it are just as drying to your skin. This means that you need to moisturize and take care of your skin just as diligently in the summer, and this body cream is perfect for that. Apply after your shower, take this moisturizing body lotion along with you when you go to the beach, or put it in your bag pool-side: Sexy Bath and Body Pumpkin Butter Body Cream is a perfect companion in the summertime.

Folks, this stuff smells good enough to eat! Once you take a deep whiff of this lovely body cream, you’ll be hooked. It has the scrumptious scent of spiced pumpkin, and it’s packed with pumpkin nutrients that provide moisture balance, replenishment and protection for your skin. Pumpkin is not only delicious and nutritious; it’s good for your skin, as well. Put it on anywhere you have dry skin, or slather it all over your body. People will be smiling all day when they stand next to you, I promise. You’ll have smooth, soft, touchable skin, and you’ll smell great. Bonus!

Sexy Bath and Body Pumpkin Butter Body Cream is made by the same people who bring you Sexy Hair products. If you’re familiar with them at all, you’ll know that they make great, quality hair products that are good for your hair, and now they’ve applied this same principle to their bath and body products. A great brand, at a great price: Sexy Hair is the way to go.

Do you moisturize faithfully with good body lotion in the summertime? What do you use? Tell me on twitter, facebook,or just leave a comment here on the blog.


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