Daily Deal – 3M Nexcare Active Strip Bandages

The Daily Deal at Stockngo is here! The Daily Deal comes to you each and every day, giving you more ways to save money on our already rock-bottom prices. Today’s deal is a winner – 3M Nexcare Active Flexible Foam Bandages, 30 count, for only $2.24, a savings of 28%. Everyone needs bandages, and what better time to buy them than when they’re on sale?

Do you have problems with bandaids or bandages sticking, especially when you’re damp, it needs to go on somewhere that bends – such as knees and elbows – or you know you’re going to get hot and sweaty? These bandages cure that problem; 3M Nexcare Active Flexible Bandages use a unique flexible foam strip which conforms, stretches and bends even around knuckles, knees and elbows. Advanced water-resistant adhesive offers extra sticking power, even on damp skin. It seals around the pad to keep out dirt and other contaminants, as well. The soft absorbent nonstick pad is comfortable and practical. There are 30 1 x 3 bandages per box.

If you’re an active person or participate in a lot of sports – or you have kids – you know that you’re always going to have bumps, scrapes, and bruises around the house. How many times have you had to reapply bandages to yourself or your very active children? That can add up, price-wise, and you’re better off buying quality bandages to begin with, so you want to always keep 3M Nexcare Active Flexible Foam Bandages in your medicine cabinet. They are the best kind of bandage to use on those bumps and bruises. They won’t fall off, even when you or your children get sweaty or the bandages are in an awkward place.

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