Do You Have Stretch Marks?

Anyone can get stretch marks. Your age doesn’t matter. You get them from over exercising, weight changes that occur rapidly, or even from growing too quickly. Pregnancy is the culprit, often times.

There are two kinds of stretch marks – new ones that appear red, and older ones that look white. When the redness fades, stretch marks turn whitish.

Are there any treatments or products available that can completely remove stretch marks?

Unfortunately, the answer is no – but it’s a qualified no. even costly laser treatments you get at a dermatologist office will not guarantee that your stretch marks fade completely. They’ll be minimized and they’ll look better – but it might take more than one treatment to do even that. With a price tag running in the hundreds per visit, not many people can afford treatment.

You can make stretch marks look better and fade faster by using over the counter creams and moisturizers, and it won’t cost you a fraction what laser treatments cost. Cocoa butter cream moisturizers improve skin elasticity and help reduce the appearance of stretch marks. While it won’t make them go away, you might be surprised at the difference it makes.

Cocoa butter is wonderful for the skin, even if you don’t have stretch marks. Just apply it daily to dry skin areas. You’ll have soft, supple, beautiful skin with no dry patches and no ‘ashy’ skin, and your stretch marks will start to look better.

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