Dressing Your Pet for Halloween

Do you dress your pet up for Halloween? Dressing your pet up for Halloween isn’t as weird or as uncommon as it may sound. Or maybe it is…I can’t get past the cute factor long enough to tell. What could be cuter than a Bad Dog Prisoner costume?

See what I mean? :) Isn’t that adorable?

If you do decide to dress your pet, there are some basic rules you should follow. You don’t want to overheat your pet, or stress them unnecessarily.

If your pet is agitated by his/her costume, only leave it on for a little while. If you want them to wear it while ‘helping’ you give out candy to the little trick or treat-ers, get them used to it gradually. Start in 15 minute increments, until they are totally unfazed by the costume. If they are extra nervous, you might even want to start by putting the costume out first, so they can smell it.

Make sure that the costume doesn’t bind or feel too tight. Are there at least two fingers worth of room between the costume and your pet when you stretch it out? There should be.

Your pet can’t tell you in words when something is bothering him, but if you pay attention, you can tell. Is he rolling around, trying to get the costume off? Is he whining, or panting excessively? These can all be signs that he is too hot, or the costume is uncomfortable. Check it, or take it off at this point.

Are you going to dress your pet for Halloween? Have any pictures from last Halloween? Send them to me on twitter or Facebook, or point me their way here on the blog.


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  • Love the bad dog costume! My dog was superman one year, and my cat was a witch for one Halloween. I will have to look on my hard drive and see if I can find the photos.

  • I would love to dress up my dogs sometime! Yet, they are too large and it’s hard to find a costume. I think it would be so fun and adorable.

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