Easy, Lovable Valentine’s Day Gifts

Need some last minute gift ideas? How about one, or ALL of these!

  • Food: dinner in, dinner out, chocolate covered strawberries for desert
  • Alcohol: nothing says romance like a bottle of wine
  • Massage: Whether its for the day or for a future date, a massage is always welcome
  • Hallmark Card: Its a Hallmark Holiday so don’t forget the card! Oh and make it a thoughtful one.
  • Chocolate – whether you’re on a diet or not chocolate will make you happy, and if you get the good stuff (70% cocoa or more) it can even make you skinny!
  • Music: set the mood with you or your partners favorite tunes.
  • Perfume/Cologne: Why not cover all of the senses.  We’ve got taste, touch, sight, hearing and now smell!!



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