Employee Pick of the Week – BIOSILK Silk Therapy Cure Soyeuse

BIOSILK Silk Therapy

Once a week, we have our employees pick one of their favorite products to promote on the blog, and this week it is…drumroll, please…BIOSILK!


We all want beautiful, shiny hair, but sometimes the things we do to make ourselves look beautiful can dry out our hair and cause damage. Heat damage, pollution, and styling products can take their toll on your hair and leave it dull, limp, and lifeless. But we’ve got a solution for you: BIOSILK Silk Therapy Cure Soyeuse. It’s a daily treatment for hair that restores your hair to its natural beauty and actually protects you against further damage.

BIOSILK Silk Therapy Cure Soyeuse is a lightweight, leave-in treatment for your hair. If you have dry hair, split ends, or heat damage, Cure Soyeuse replenishes moisture and actually reconstructs your hair. It repairs, smooths and protects hair of all types.

We all use heat styling tools: Who wants to give up their blow dryer? And how many of us can’t live without straighteners? BIOSILK leave in treatment actually protects hair from the damage that heat styling tools can do it. The silk molecules in BIOSILK are concentrated, and give you a smooth and silky feel while delivering a brilliant high gloss shine. You only need a few drops. This wonderful treatment will protect the hair from build up and will not weigh it down like other leave in conditioners can. It also contains additional sunscreens to protect your hair from UV damage, pollution, and dryness.

Just place a tiny amount in the palms of your hands, rub together, and apply to your hair from scalp to ends. This can be done on either wet or dry hair, and can be done as many times per day as you would like, or as often as it is necessary.

BIOSILK Silk Therapy Cure Soyeuse is easy to use, takes only seconds, and gives you shiny, gorgeous hair. What more could you want in a beauty product? How about all day protection against sun damage and pollution? BIOSILK Silk Therapy Cure Soyeuse gives you that as well. It’s the perfect product to use for dry, dull, or damaged hair. Your hair will be looking beautiful again in no time with this product: It’s a win-win for you and your hair, so make sure to try it out today. Your hair will thank you for it.





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