Employee Pick – TIGI Bed Head Manipulator

Employee Pick of the Week! This week it’s TIGI Bed Head Manipulator. It’s the ultimate in styling products.

Oh, wow, you can do anything with this styling cream. The unique fiber forming styling cream lets you create, shape or separate your hair into spikes, twist dreads, or any shape you desire. It is great for twist dreads and other hair styles – my nephew used it to give himself a temporary Mohawk, and it held all day long. I used it to give myself an updo, and I didn’t worry about my hair all night. It stayed in, had lots of body, and I looked fabulous. ;) When they promise long lasting, flexible hold for any hair length or texture, they absolutely mean it.

It’s easy to use: Just work the fiber-forming styling cream through your clean hair. It can be used on damp or dry hair. (I did mine damp.) If using on damp hair, you can blow dry or let your hair dry naturally. The more you use, the more texture you get. I used a medium amount, and my hair was soft and flexible, not sticky or stiff.

TIGI Bed Head Manipulator:

* Dries matte, never shiny
* Gives you long lasting, flexible hold
* The unique fiber forming cream lets you create any hair style you want
* Great for spikes and twists

I love TIGI Bed Head Manipulator. I’m going to give a try at twist dreads, and I’ll let you know how they go. Do you use TIGI products? What do you think? Let me know on twitter, facebook, or just leave me a comment here on the blog.


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