Explaining Different Hair Products, Part 1

I don’t know about you, but I’m nearly obsessive about my hair. I use a lot of different hair products. Pomades, mousses, hairsprays…the list is nearly endless. Do you know what each type of hair product is? Do you know what it’s designed to do? Here is a list of styling products and what they’re intended to do for your hair.

Styling Gel gives you a light to strong hold and can be used on any type of hair. If you have dry hair, avoid gels that contain alcohol. They will dry your hair out further and cause damage. Spray on hair gel lightly holds your hairstyle. Regular gel that must be hand-applied gives you a medium to strong hold, and is great for spot distribution and spot styling.

Mousse is a very light form of styling product. You get a light hold, and it also gives you some definition and volume. Again, check your mousse for alcohol if you have dry hair, as it is very damaging to already stressed hair.

Hair Wax is great for doing spot styling. It gives you great texture and separation. You don’t usually apply all through your hair; it’s best used only on the ends or the roots. The finish is very stiff. It’s great for things like Mohawks, or when you need your hair to absolutely stay put.

Styling Pastes give your hair both texture and flexibility. Lighter than a hair wax, you still get great hold and styling without the heaviness.

• Hairspray holds your finished hairstyle. There is a huge variety of different holds available in hairsprays. Most all of them allow your hair to move and to bounce back into place. They keep your style set for a long time. Hairspray with sunscreen is particularly useful, as it protects your hair from environmental damage.

I’ll continue with more hair products in part 2 of this article. How am I doing so far? Do you understand your hair products better? Let me know on twitter, Facebook, or leave me a comment here on the blog.


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