Explaining Different Hair Products, Part 2

Looking in my bathroom vanity, I realized that I have tons of hair products. Everything from anti-frizz solution to shine serum is in there. I got to wondering – is everyone as confused as I am about hair products? In this article, Part 2 of Explaining Different Hair Products, I’m going to examine a few more hair products and tell you what they’re really intended to do. I found out that I’m actually using some of my products wrong. (Read Explaining Different Hair Products, Part 1 here.)

Pomades are thick and give you mega hold. They are great for creating a slicked-back style. It also gives you a shine that I find quite attractive. Be aware, though, that unless your pomade is water based, it can be difficult to wash out.

Root lifter gives you support at the hair root. Want a little volume up top? Does your hair lie too flat at the root and hug your head? Spray these in or spot apply just at the root level. You’ll get a great lift for your hairstyle.

Hair glue is precisely what it sounds like. You ‘glue’ your hair together and spike it up. They dry hard and stay in place. If you use them too often, you can damage your hair.

Anti-Frizz hair products coat the hair shaft and make it lay flat. Instead of curling or waving, the coated hair straightens and is smoothed out.

Shine serums sometimes also say they are an anti-frizz serum. These are usually silicone-based and reduce frizz and flyaways. If you have oily hair, use them sparingly. You don’t want your hair to start looking greasy, you just want it to shine. I was using too much shine serum and making my hair look oily so I cut down the amount. My hair looks much better now. I still get the shine without the extra oiliness.

So, what do you think? Have you been using all your hair products the right way? Let me know on twitter, Facebook, or just leave me a message here.


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