Fighting Breakouts

You haven’t had a breakout since your teens. Now you’re getting acne all over again. That whole range of skin problems you never thought you’d see again are back. What’s going on? Don’t panic – many women start having breakouts later in life. It can be caused by hormones, stress, or even medical problems or medications. If it’s severe- see a dermatologist right away. Otherwise, taking good care of your skin is the best way to fight acne.

Make sure you cleanse your face every morning and every night. Always, always, always remove your makeup before going to sleep. If you’re absolutely too tired to wash your face, keep makeup remover wipes by your bedside and clean your skin. You can toss the used one in your garbage can without getting out of bed. Make sure that it’s a gentle cleanser – you want to clean your face without drying out your skin.

Use a deep cleansing mask once a week. Clay masks are great – they’ll get rid of skin impurities and everything that clogs your pores. You’ll also get rid of dead skin cells, and reveal a more radiant complexion. Don’t use a harsh scrub – you’ll just redden your face and you might even make your acne worse. You want to exfoliate, but you don’t want to cause damage.

Use the right moisturizer. You want to use a gentle moisturizer that will keep your skin from breaking out. Also use non comedogenic makeups and oil free powders. This will keep you from breaking out further. They also make foundations that have acne fighting compounds in them – be careful, though. These can be incredibly drying, and you can still have dry skin AND acne. Not a good feeling, so check those ingredients and test them out before you start to use them long term.

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Here’s a video that tells you the vitamins best for skin:


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