Frizz Free Summer Hair Tips

Summer’s humidity and rain showers that seemingly come out of nowhere can wreak havoc on your hairstyle. If your hair tends toward frizz, this can be a hair catastrophe. What can you do? You don’t want to stay indoors all the time. If you want to have frizz free summer hair, there are some easy ways to get smooth hair and still enjoy the summer sun.

• If you have thick hair, leave your hair slightly damp, and use a gel hair styling product. Your hair won’t puff up when you go outside from all the humidity and rain. If you have fine hair, don’t use this trick. Your hair will be flat, which is the look you’re trying to avoid.

• Hair spray. It will coat your hair and keep the moisture from penetrating the hair cuticle. Your style won’t fall flat, and you won’t have as much frizz.

• Use an anti frizz hair product. If your hair is constantly frizzing or you look like you’ve got the world’s puffiest perm when it’s humid outside, this is the hair product you should be trying. Many of them put shine in your hair, as well. That’s a bonus I can live with. :)

• If your hair is long enough, put it in a braid, or slick it back into a pony tail. Whichever style you choose, leave it loose. You don’t want to look as if your skin is pulled tight, along with your hair. Leave a few strands loose to frame your face. Give it a good coating of hair spray, and your slightly messy, very sexy hairstyle will say ‘Rain? Who cares? I always look good!’

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