Get Rid of Under Eye Circles

You’ve got an important event, and there are dark circles under your eyes. What are you going to do? Camouflage only works so well – you’re still going to see them. Don’t panic. There are things you can do to reduce your under eye circles.

The night before, go light on the salt, alcohol, and caffeine and don’t over indulge. All these things can cause puffiness and dark under eye circles. Use an eye lifting serum to moisturize your eye area, instead of a cream moisturizer. If your eyes are still puffy when you wake up, put cold tea bags on them. The combination of caffeine applied to the skin and the cold will help to drain the fluid out from beneath your eyes. Weird, right? When you consume caffeine, it causes puffiness. When you put it on your skin, it reduces puffiness. It will also reduce any dark circles you might have. It works on cellulite, too. Not that you’ve got any of that on your eyes – just a little tidbit of knowledge I thought you might like. ;)

You also might try an illuminating eye treatment. If you have got an event to go to right away, you don’t have enough time. If you’ve got 6 or 8 weeks, you can reduce or totally banish the dark circles and puffiness underneath your eyes. It works.

To conceal your dark circles, use a shimmery eye cream on your under eye area. Then use a yellow based concealer on your under eye area. It should be one shade lighter than your skin. Then set the concealer by pressing powder lightly into your skin with a powder puff.

You can also draw attention away from the dark circles under your eyes. Apply dark brown or black eyeliner to upper lids only. Leave the liner off your under eye area, because you don’t want to draw attention to it. Put mascara on your upper lashes, leaving bottom lashes plain. Wear a shimmery eye shadow in a neutral shade on your eye lids – brown or taupe or even gold is good –to draw attention up and away.

Do you have problems with dark circles? What do you use to minimize or hide them? Let me know on twitter, Facebook, or leave me a message here on the blog.


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