Gift Ideas for Pre-Teen Girls and Boys

Do you have a pre-teen to shop for this Holiday Season? The thought alone can be a little scary, as you have the daunting task of making age appropriate purchases that are not too “kiddy” but also suitable for a young adolescent. Children ranging from the ages of 9 – 12, Pre-Teens, are a unique bunch, and their stockings should be filled with the just the right variety of goodies to suit their age group!

Pre-Teens are still children in most respects, but at that awkward age where they long to be considered a young adult. Who doesn’t remember their own Junior High School days? This is when you first start wearing perfumes, colognes, nail polishes and body sprays. We’ve put together a list of our top Pre-Teen stocking stuffers that you can order online right on!

Stocking Stuffers for the Pre-Teen Girl:

  1. Perfumes and Body Sprays  ~ Try Jessica Simpsons “I Fancy You” or Britney Spears “Believe”
  2. Nail Polishes ~ Try fun colors like Cosm Nail’s China Glaze Flying Dragon Nail Polish
  3. Hair Products ~ Bed Head Brand is perfect for your Pre-Teen!
  4. Lip Glosses and Chapsticks ~ Softlips and Chapstick brands are great for the winter months
  5. Deodorant ~ Mennen’s Teen Spirit in Pink Crush is the ultimate girl deodorant

Stocking Stuffers for the Pre-Teen Boy:

  1. Colognes and Body Sprays ~ All the boys love Axe brand body sprays, or try POWER, by 50 Cent
  2. Hair Products ~ Young men love to style their hair! Short Sexy Hair Rough and Ready Styling Gunk is absolutely perfect for creating young looking styles teens love
  3. Body Wash ~ Old Spice High Endurance Body Wash Game Day is perfect for the older Pre-Teen
  4. Deodorant ~  Axe FRESH Deodorant Stick is great for active teens
  5. Gift Cards ~ When all else fails, you can always win with a gift card!



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