Going Green on April Fools Day

With April Fools day looming i’m sure some of you are worried about what type of tricks your friends, family, and co-workers have up their sleeves. April Fools pranks have become part of everyone’s lives it seems. Every year I spend days trying to come up with elaborate plans that never seem to pan out, but it’s all in good fun. This year i’ve been thinking more about how I can incorporate my “going green” lifestyle into April Fools day. That’s why i’ve compiled some tips for going green on April Fools day.

Pranks certainly are a lot of fun. Just just make sure to keep them green. Avoid pranks that create a lot of waste, such as covering every surface in your coworker’s cubicle with Post-Its or shoving tissues in the toes of someone’s shoes. Although hilarious, these are simply wasteful pranks that hurt the environment.

Instead, consider a web-based prank, like making up a tale to post on Twitter, Facebook, or your own blog, and wait as confused comments ensue. This kind of prank doesn’t hurt the environment in any way and can be as elaborate as you please. An example is a post from 2009 where Triple Pundit tried to convince its readers American Airlines had launched a “zero emissions Zeppelin service

Going green on April Fools day can be easy and fun. Make sure to head over to Stock N’ Go for the best prices on all your health and beauty products. Leave a comment below if you have any other fun prank ideas that can be considered green!

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