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Its good to make money and its fun to shop, there are the needs and the wants and then there are the miscellaneous items that we don’t even realize that we are spending money on.  I am a big sucker for sales, if I see a sale I find an excuse to buy something.  I recently moved from a big house in the country to a small apartment in the city and I realized how much crap I had accrued to fill that big house.  Lots of household decor, kitchen gadgets, patio furniture but then I even went a step further and got suckered into a Tikki bar and plastic dish set Tikki style to match, oh and a little light up palm tree, how cute! Seriously though, I’m not sure I ever used that Tikki bar a single time, although it did look deliciously tropical out there on my patio… but was it worth it? NO! Not at all.  I look back at all my spending and think what a waste!!

Since I moved to the city, I was forced to downsize, but what it made me realize was that I really didn’t need all that stuff.  I decided that I wasn’t going to carelessly spend my hard earned money anymore and that I was going to actively watch what I spend.  I’m not going to be embarhassed to use coupons, I’m going to be proud that I’m smart enough to use them, and save myself tons of money.

Since my shift in spending, I have found several money saving websites that I LOVE and wanted to share with you.  So here they are!

My #1 favorite website is – Mint is a program that tracks all of your spending by bringing all of your accounts together in one place, such as: checking, savings, auto loans, mortgages, credit cards, and more.  Mint also groups your spending into categories so you can easily see where all of your money is going.  You can set a budget for yourself, and will be notified when you spend out of your budget, you can also set it up to send you automatic reminders when bills are due or when the balance in your bank accounts are low.  All of the features on are super handy but the best part about it is that it’s FREE!

My next favorite is – This site allows you to purchase gift certificates to restaurants for 50-60% 0ff.  Typically you can purchase a $20 gift certificate for $10, or a $50 gift certificate for $20, you can purchase these certificates for yourself OR you can give as a gift!  Not too shabby.  Personally, I try to eat at home as much as possible, but whenever I do go out to eat I try to choose a restaurant from the list, the website typically offers a variety of choices from fine dining to super casual establishments, so I never feel limited in choices, plus I get try lots of new restaurants that I otherwise might not have gone to. – Find online, local and printable coupons here on all kinds of products and all kinds of stores.  Don’t be afraid to use a coupon! Taking the time to check this site before you go to make a purchase can save you hundreds of dollars a year. – Keeping on top of your credit score can save you big money when it comes to big purchases.  A good credit score can get you lower rates and fees on home loans, auto loans and can even be a deciding factor when obtaining a new job!  It pays to keep track of your credit. – This is a super cool website similar to that of Living Social or Groupon where you are offered a great deal on products and have a certain amount of time to purchase the deal.  Except this site focuses on groceries.  For small or large households this is a great way to save on items that are frequently purchased.  You pay for them items online and then just pick up at your local grocery.  Pretty cool!

So there they are, some great websites for saving $$!

And speaking of great discount websites, how could we not forget Stockn’Go? Stockn’ offers both single and bulk items at greatly discounted prices.  In fact we are so confident in our UNBEATABLE prices that we offer a Price Beat Gaurantee – Where you can save money even if you’ve already spent it! If you’ve recently shopped with us and find the identical “PriceBeat Eligible” product for a lower price on another website, we’ll pay you back the price difference, plus an extra 5% of that difference.  We are constantly checking on our competitors to be sure our prices are the lowest available.  So if you happen to find a lower price somewhere else, let us know!



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