Hair Advice: Styling Fine Hair

If you have fine hair, it comes with its own unique set of problems. It’s difficult to manage and can look limp, plus you may find that your style doesn’t last very long. Your hair style tends to ‘fall out’ in a much shorter time than those with coarser hair. Adding long lasting style to fine hair can still be done, however: With the right hairstyle, styling products and techniques, you can achieve body and volume that lasts all day.

Great Hair Styles for Fine Hair:

• It’s best to keep your hair shoulder length or above to avoid looking unkempt. Fine hair tends to separate and look scraggly when it’s too long.
• Bangs are a great look with fine hair; just make sure they’re not too wispy.
• Shaping or layers around the face should be kept blunt to avoid fine wisps that make your hair look thinner.
• A graduated bob is great for adding volume to your fine hair; the weight is kept in the front in a graduated bob, and it adds fullness to the back.
• Get fine hair trimmed frequently; it’s much more prone to split ends than coarser hair, and the damage shows more. A hair cut every 4 to 6 weeks is recommended.

Styling Fine Hair:

• A volumizing shampoo is critical for fine hair. They expand each strand of hair to give you more volume. Follow it up with a volumizing conditioner for added body to your fine hair. A volumizing conditioner for fine hair won’t weigh your hair down and will keep it bouncy and lustrous.
• If you want your fine hair to go from flat to fabulous, during your blow dry always use a round brush. Rotate the brush in a circular motion while blow drying individual sections of hair to increase your volume. Finish off with a burst of cool air to ‘set’ hair.
• Use a thickening hair spray to help fine hair achieve the appearance of fuller, thicker hair. Thickening hair sprays are one of the best ways to both style and add volume to your hair.

Do you have fine or thin hair? What products or techniques do you use to style it? Share your suggestions with me on twitter, Facebook, or leave a comment here on the blog. I’d love to hear what you have to say.


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