Hair Loss in Women – Can it Be Reversed?

It’s not only men who have problems with hair loss. Lots of women experience hair loss and thinning hair, especially as they age. This is a topic that is near and dear to my heart, since it happened to me. I was experiencing a lot of loss at the hairline, and at the top of my head. Can it be reversed? was my first thought. Or am I going to have to wear a wig for the rest of my life?

Luckily for me, my thinning hair was caused by illness and poor diet. With some dietary changes and time, my hair thickened back up and I’m happy to report that I have no bald patches.

Here’s what I did:

I added Omega 3 Fatty Acids into my diet. I ate salmon and walnuts, and I sprinkled a tablespoon of ground flax seeds on my cereal every morning. Most women don’t get enough Omega 3, and if you can’t stand to eat any of those foods high in this essential vitamin, take a supplement.

I took Evening Primrose Oil, 500 mg, twice a day. Dr Weil, a health advisor who specializes in natural treatments, recommends this. For men who are experiencing hair loss, he says that Saw Palmetto may cause some hair regrowth.

Other things you can do to stop or prevent hair loss:

Stop hair damage. Use a leave in conditioner with a thermal protectant. We all use heat styling on our hair, and protecting it from damage can help stop hair loss.

Don’t style your hair tightly. Twisting and pulling your hair can cause breakage, which makes hair loss appear worse, or even accelerates it.

If you’re taking supplements and eating right, and your hair still hasn’t regrown, don’t despair. It can take about 8 weeks before you see any new growth. Keep it up, and in the meantime, use a good thickening lotion and thickening hairspray. It really makes the most of the hair you have and hides thinning spots.

Do you have thinning hair? What do you do for it? Let me know on twitter, facebook, or leave me a comment here on the blog.


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