Hair Styling Secrets

I obsess over my hair. Admit it: You do it, too. I constantly check in the mirror to see if my hair looks all right, and if I find split ends, I think it’s the end of the world. If my hair looks nice, I’m happy. If it looks bad, I’m unhappy, so I’ve come up with a lot of ways to make it look good, all the time. I’m going to share a few of my hair ‘secrets’ with the rest of you hair-obsessed people so that you can look good, too.

Shampoo every day: The days when you needed to skip shampooing daily to keep your hair healthy are over. Most shampoos are gentle enough that you can shampoo daily and your hair won’t be damaged. And if it’s the blow drying and heat styling that is damaging your hair, there are plenty of products that protect your hair from thermal damage. The best one is, for my part, is BioSilk Silk Therapy Cure Soyeuse. It’s a lightweight, leave in conditioner that protects against heat damage and leaves your hair silky-smooth.

Shiny hair isn’t born, it’s made: You see that girl with shiny hair, and think gee, I wish my hair was like that. It can be. The secret to shine is to spritz or add a couple drops of shine serum or finishing serum. My favorite is Matrix Biolage Shine Endure Spritz. Not only does it add shine, it will also help hold your hair style and has a UV protectant to keep your hair safe from sun damage.

Updos are sexy: Updos aren’t just for prom and women from the sixties. A loose, casual bun is a quick way to make your hair look fabulous. Just finger-comb your hair into a low, kind-of-messy bun or knot and attach with a ponytail holder and bobby pins. Don’t do a tight bun – messy and casual looks best.

Textured hair looks fantastic: If you have layers and you want your curls or waves to separate, use pomade for that. Texturizing your hair gives it thickness at the roots, and it will then fall in sexy, soft waves around your face. I like Curls Passion Fruit Curl Control Paste. It adds a little shine, and really gives your hair body. Smells great, too.

What are some of your hair secrets? I’m dying to know (hair-obsessed, remember?). Tell me on twitter, Facebook, or just leave me a comment here on the blog.


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