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I manicure my nails at home. How about you? At first, I wasn’t very good at it and it took me a long time. Now, my nails look great, and I can whip through a manicure in no time. It was a trial and error process for me. Here are some tips and tricks to help you with your own manicure.

Sally Hansen’s Teflon Tuff Extra Strength nail protector makes my nails long, strong, and chip free. It’s a 10 day protective shield for weak, soft nails. Once I even slammed my hand in the car door – and the nail didn’t break!

Eat plenty of calcium.

Don’t forget to moisturize your hands. And rub a moisturizer into the nail bed and cuticles, as well. Nailtiques Oil Cuticle Therapy is a good one that helps keep nails strong. It seals in moisture and keeps them healthy.

Massage your nail beds. (Not the cuticle, the nail itself.) It increases blood flow and stimulates nail growth.

Groom your nails weekly. File them and give them some shape. Then either put a clear coat of polish on them, or put on colored nail polish. It will keep your nails stronger, and they’ll look fabulous.

Keep your cuticles pushed back, but only push them back when they’re wet. Otherwise, it’s going to hurt, and you’re going to get tearing. After a bath or shower is a great time to push back cuticles. Alternatively, you can soak your hands in warm water with a little olive oil thrown in. It will soften your cuticles and your hands at the same time.

Don’t bite your nails.

    If you’re a nail biter:
  • 1. Usually nail biting is caused by stress and it becomes habitual. Try to relax yourself, and any time you feel your hand going toward your mouth, make a conscious effort to stop. I have a friend who tried hypnotism, and it worked. She no longer bites her nails.
  • 2. Keep a nail file with you at all times and when you feel the need to bite, file your nails. I find just holding the file helps.
  • 3. Think of how much bacteria may be under your nails. Think about what you’ve touched today, and all the things that could be under there.
  • 4. If none of these things work for you and you’re still biting your nails, try getting nail tips. Fake nails can be applied at a salon or at home, and they’re going to feel different than a regular nail in your mouth. Also, they’re stronger, so you won’t be able to bite. It might help you get out of the habit of biting your nails. They also look a lot better than ragged, bitten nails.
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