Household Chores and Fun Activities for the Fall

It’s hard to believe that fall is less than a week away… on September 22nd it will be “officially” fall! There are so many ways to spend your weekend, there are the things you HAVE to do and then there are the things you WANT to do.  So why not do both? Start your morning off with some household chores and then head out to spend some time with your family or friends.  Now that’s what I call making the most out of your day.  Below is a list of household chores that might need to be taken care of and then some fun activities that you can reward yourself with once the work is done.


1. Clean out gutters

2. Rake laves

3. Replace batteries in smoke detectors

4. Replace summer bedding with winter quilts and comforters

5.  Pack up summer clothes and bring out the fall/winter colors and warm sweaters

6.  Get chimney and fireplace professionally cleaned and inspected

7.  Close up pool, put patio furniture away

8. Trim back bushes

9. Put away lawn mower and start up snow blower

10. Install storm doors and windows or install heavy curtains over large glass doors and windows to keep the heat in


1. Enjoy the not so chilly weather while you can by your favorite lake, ocean or river, with long walks and camp fires.

2. Go apple picking, not only is apple picking a nice way to enjoy time with family and friends but you get fresh air and even fresher fruit out of the deal!

3. Take a hike – you’ve probably heard this over and over every fall but do it for real this time! Not only does a good hike up a mountain provide you with fresh air and exercise but you can turn it into a science class for the kids or even better yourself.

4. Hit up some of your local fairs, festivals and farmers markets one last time.

5.  Take a bike ride – just saying that I can feel the cool breeze hitting my face, the sun glistening and my blood flowing.

6.  Make fall crafts or cook some fall treats!

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