How to…Save money

How to… Save money

Forget dieting and exercise – the top New Year’s resolution in 2013 was all about saving money. In these difficult economic times, we all have to tighten our belts and try to reduce our spending where we can. With redundancies and unemployment on the rise, it’s always wise to stash away some savings for those unplanned emergencies. There are lots of easy ways to spend less and save more, without losing out on quality of life.

Shop around

Many items, particularly electrical goods, are cheaper to buy online than in stores. But don’t leap in to click ‘Buy’ too soon – there are heaps of discount code websites that regularly advertise free promotion codes that can be used for major retailers. It’s always worth taking a quick look – you might end up with 50% off, or free delivery.

Buy in bulk

Household goods, such as cleaning products and toiletries, can be ordered online in large quantities to save money. You can take advantage of some great deals this way, as well as saving gas money from multiple shopping trips.

Make do and mend

Before you chuck something out, see if it can be fixed. Sometimes all it takes is a drop of multi-purpose oil or household glue to breathe new life back into an object. Furniture can be spruced up with a coat of paint or freshening spray. Carry a spare can of Fix-a-Flat in the trunk for those flat-tire emergencies and save on costly call-out charges.

Picnic time

Save money on eating out by getting your friends and family together for a fun picnic. Drive out to a scenic spot with a portable grill and enjoy delicious barbecue food without restaurant prices. Wrap leftovers in aluminum foil so nothing gets wasted – cold meats make a great sandwich the next day. For all those half-full soda cans at the end of the day, invest in some soda can bottle tops – a great little invention that makes an open can easier to transport or store in the refrigerator.

Get crafty!

The recent craft revolution means it’s fashionable to make hand-made gifts for your friends and family, instead of spending a fortune at the department store. Get the whole family involved in making fun crafty cards, painted pots, customized bags or home-made cupcakes. The results will not only save money but will also be a truly unique and special gift!

Be offer-savvy

Always look out for money-saving offers all year round. Buy summer holiday staples when they’re being sold off for half price during winter – they’ll keep for next year! Picking up gifts throughout the year is also a great way to spread the cost of Christmas and prevent a whopping credit card bill in January!

Pack your lunch!

Bringing your own packed lunch to work can save hundreds of dollars a year. Instead of buying your morning coffee from that trendy deli, buy a portable coffee cup and take your own – these savings will really add up!

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