How to…Spend more time with family

How to…Spend more time with family

Children grow up all too fast – before you know it, they’re graduating high school and flying the nest! So it’s important to enjoy time with our families whenever we can – these golden moments create lasting memories that will be cherished for life. Busy lifestyles mean that, all too often, family time gets pushed aside by other chores. So, it’s not surprising that one of the top 10 New Year resolutions is to spend more time with family.

Got a full schedule? Don’t worry – there are lots of ways you can squeeze in extra family time!

Get organized

Make a big family wall chart to clearly mark each person’s commitments, so you can easily see when everyone is free at the same time. Color-code it with a set of Sharpies to schedule in group family time – okay so it might not be spontaneous fun, but it will ensure you get quality time where you can plan something worthwhile.

Free it up

Consider your schedule – is it crammed with classes, clubs and after-school activities? Do you find yourself spending a lot of your time driving your children from one thing to another? Maybe you’re doing too much. Family time can be just as important. Spending time with adults can be beneficial for children’s learning and development, so try cutting a couple of after-school clubs per week.


Sharing out those time-consuming household chores will free up your time to spend having fun with the family. Encouraging your kids to get involved will give them useful experience for when they’re older – take it in turns to do the laundry and clean the bathroom. Order household supplies in bulk so you don’t have to go shopping as often – kids get fed up in supermarkets and would rather be out having fun!

Family exercise

Instead of going to the gym alone, take the whole family out for a bike ride or a swim. A hearty walk in the open air is great exercise and provides an opportunity to chat with your family and catch up on what you’ve been missing. Seek out new places instead of going to the same park every time – think of each walk as a mini-adventure to make it more fun. Pack a picnic box and make a day of it!

Use your imagination

Family time doesn’t need to be expensive – have a big craft session with glitter glue and craft kits; stage a treasure hunt for little ones; make a photo collage; play dress-up with your old clothes; bake cupcakes and have fun decorating them… the opportunities are endless! Getting creative and trying something new is a great bonding experience.

Picture it

Kids grow up fast, so preserve those special memories by carrying a disposable camera in your bag on days out. You can have hours of fun making family videos on a camcorder – remember to pack a couple of spare DVC cassettes so you don’t miss out on those priceless moments.

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