How to Clean a Down Comforter at Home

Down comforters are the best part of every bed, but the big downside of ‘down’ anything is when it comes to getting it clean.  Most down comforters state “dry clean only” on the tag, but the cost to dry clean a comforter can be almost as much as you paid for the darn thing.  So how can we avoid the cost of dry cleaning without ruining the feathers and fluffiness of the down?

Try these at home cleaning instructions…

1. First make sure your washing machine is large enough to fit the comforter you want to clean, if it is, then go ahead and throw your comforter in the washer machine as you would any other load of laundry, but put it in by itself.  If your washer is not large enough then if might be best to go to the laundromat and use one of the oversized washer’s there.

2. Wash on gentle cycle using a small amount of  mild or all natural detergent.  If you only have regular detergent that is fine but use it sparingly as too much soap or harsh chemicals can strip the down and make for a very sad looking comforter.

3. One the wash cycle has run you can remove the comforter and place it in the dryer on low heat.  It is best to use dryer balls in your drying cycle as they will fluff the down comforter and prevent it from having that flat, matted look.  If you do not have dryer balls, tennis balls will do the trick!

4. It will take hours to dry your comforter at low heat so be sure to check on it periodically, take it out and fluff it to make sure there is no moisture left in it and that the feathers are not flattened.

5. Once it is completely clean and dry put the comforter back on your bed and Wah-lah! You just saved yourself AT LEAST $40 bucks!

IMPORTANT – make sure your comforter is completely dry before placing it back on your bed, to prevent the growth of mold.


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  • I recently bought a hotel down comforter from and expected to dry clean it each time. After getting my first quote from the dry cleaners, I decided to find alternatives. This article was very helpful. Thanks!

  • Thank you so glad you enjoyed our post!

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