How to Curl Your Hair with a Flat Iron

What did we ever do without the invention of a Flat Iron? If you were like my friends and I, you used a REGULAR Iron, you know – the kind that straightens wrinkles out of clothes.  It wasn’t an easy thing to do… laying your head on an ironing board while simultaneously ironing out the curls in the hair that was attached your head!  Talk about a stretch – we certainly were creative back then, but our poor damaged hair was paying for it dearly.

Luckily for us girls the flat iron WAS invented, and then it was re-invented with a wonderful material called ceramic.  When purchasing a flat iron it is important to get ceramic plates as they will straighten out the hair more easily and cause less damage.  Now, we all know that a flat iron will effectively straighten the hair, but have you ever tried to curl your hair with one?

Where the curling iron will give you a round, spiral curl; the flat iron puts out a more square shaped curl, which is really nice, especially when you want to change up your look.  After watching my hairdresser create these wonderful curls, I went home and tried it for myself, to my dismay I ended up with nothing but kinks.  If I wanted kinks then I would have just gone back to the 80′s and gotten a crimper! So I went to my hairdresser once again and had her show me again how to curl my hair with a straightening iron (such as the Chi Flat Iron). I finally learned the way, and absolutely love the look that it gives.   Here are the steps to take to get curls rather than kinks…

1.  Choose the right flat iron. You need a skinny one; an inch-and-a half or less is best. If your hair is very coarse or curly, the flat iron needs to get very hot, at least 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Look for a flat iron with rounded edges on the plates to prevent unnatural “dents” in your hair. Stockn’Go suggests: Chi Flat Iron

2.  Apply a light gel, cream or spray that contains a heat protector to prevent hair damage. Stockn’Go suggests: Chi Iron Guard Thermal Protection

3.  Dry your hair completely. Even slightly damp hair will not curl as well, and a good blowout gives you a smooth start for frizz-free curls.

4.  Clamp a 1 to 2-inch section of hair about halfway through the strand and turn the flat iron one-and-a-half turns in the direction you want your curl.

5. Pull the flat iron through the strand while maintaining tension on the curl.  But don’t squeeze too tightly or the edges of the flat iron will crimp rather than curl.

6. Repeat on small sections of hair until it’s all curled and spray those curls all over and underneath with a firm styling spray for an all-day hold.  Stockn’Go suggests: Biosilk Finishing Spray Firm Hold


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