How To Get the Most Out Of Jergens Natural Glow Moisturizer

How to get the most out of Jergens Natural Glow moisturizer. The summer months are long gone and with them, the bronzing you worked on in the sun. Not to worry! Jergens, with many health and beauty products, also has a great line of self tanning moisturizers.

Now I know what you’re thinking: self tanning moisturizers can smell and leave you orange or worse streaky. But this isn’t the case with Jergens Natural Glow though. They leave you with an actual natural looking “glow” and don’t have much of a smell at all. According to The 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic the new formula won’t turn you orange because it builds up your bronzing in a matter of 3 days, instead of all at once. The formula is very forgiving, no streaking or issues with color buildup. Beauty Logic also pointed out that Natural Glow won’t leave you streaky.

Many people looking for that sun glow have turned to spray tanning. While spray tanning works it can also end up being extremely expensive. Lady and the Blog says she was hanging out with a friend recently who looked great and figured she was spray tanning. Instead, the friend told her she had been using Natural Glow so she decided to use it and was amazed at how quickly she began to see a tan developing on her own skin.

We have some quick tips thanks to  Jergen’s website so you can make sure to get the most out of Jergens Natural Glow.

1. Start off with a lighter shade and work your way up. The great thing about Natural Glow is that you work your way up from one shade til the next and can stop wherever you want. says to, “Use the inside of your forearm as a guide and match your skin tone to the chart on the back of the product tube. Product shade decisions should be based on your natural skin tone.”

2. Mimic a natural tan when applying Jergens natural glow express Body Moisturizer to your arms, remembering that a natural tan is often lighter on the underside of the arms than the tops of the arms. To get that natural look, apply the product to the tops of your arms and then blend around to the underarms.

3. Use sparingly on knuckles, elbows, knees, ankles and in between fingers and toes as these areas are dry and will absorb more of the product.

4. Always apply to freshly cleansed skin.

5. Avoid getting wet for at least three hours after using Jergens Natural Glow Moisturizers.

The Spring is coming soon and bringing the sun with it, but if you need to get your self tanning on before you can soak up some real rays make sure to follow these tips. If you’re looking for more tips check out the green tips from our Valentine’s Day post and please leave a comment and let us know of any other ’sun bathing’ tips.

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