How to Tame Frizzy Hair

If you have curly hair, you’ve had those frizzy days. When the weather is humid, my hair becomes one big ball of fuzz. It’s not a pretty look. I’m always looking for ways to reduce frizz and smooth out my hair, and believe me when I say I’ve done major research on the problem. These are some of the things that I’ve found that reduce frizz in curly hair.

• Get your hair trimmed frequently so that you have fewer split ends and broken-off hairs. The more split ends you have, the frizzier your hair is going to look.

• Don’t wash your hair every single day, unless it is oily. Only do it every other day so that you’re not washing away the natural oils on your scalp. Believe it or not, this helps reduce the ‘frizzies’ as well.

• Use conditioner on your hair every single time you shampoo, and make sure to use a deep conditioner once a week.

• Don’t towel-dry your hair in any sort of rough manner. Press your hair gently with a towel to blot up the moisture, but don’t rub. Ever.

• While your hair is still damp, comb it slowly with a wide tooth comb. Don’t use a brush on wet hair as it can cause split ends. Use leave in conditioner if it’s too tangled to comb.

• Don’t brush your hair at all, in fact. Using a brush on your curly hair will make it frizz even more. Comb or scrunch it, instead.

• Use a cuticle smoothing styling product, such as Chi Straight Guard Smoothing Styling Cream. It will soften your hair, smooth the cuticle to get rid of frizziness, and make it incredibly shiny, all at the same time.

• Don’t use a blow dryer, but if you feel that you must use one, make sure you have a diffuser on it. As a general rule, blow dryers = more frizz.

Curly hair can be beautiful; I alternate between loving and hating mine. I used to fight the nature of my hair, always trying to make it something it was never meant to be. This over-processing gave my hair more breakage and split ends, making it even frizzier than it had been before. This led, in turn, to my hating my hair even more. Once I began working with my hair and stopped trying to make it into something it was not, I was much more satisfied. I hope these tips help you tame your own curls and make you better appreciate the beauty of your own hair.




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