How You Can Get and Keep Strong Nails

If you have noticed that you are unable to grow your fingernails and keep them strong, you may believe that you are not destined to have long, strong fingernails. There are a number of nail maintenance habits you can start today to help your overall nail health and facilitate their growth. Follow these steps:

  • Step one – Make sure that you shorten your fingernails so they all start growing at the same length. Make sure to file them smooth and use good, strong clippers. Only file in a single direction. This is going to help you minimize breakage.
  • Step two – Make sure that you use a good hand cream whenever you wash your hands. You want to make sure that your hands do not dry out throughout the day. If you are getting ready for bed, massage a good cuticle oil such as Oil Cuticle Therapy into your cuticles. This is going to help you moisturize your cuticles during the night.
  • Step three – When you wake up in the morning, use a nail hardener. Do this for a week (applying a new coat over the old one) and then remove all coats before starting anew. This is going to give your nails that little bit of extra strength that you are looking for.
  • Step four – As your nails begin to grow, make sure that you leave them slightly squared off and that your nails have rounded corners. This is a strong shape that is not only easy to maintain on long and short nails, but also equally attractive on both.
  • Step five – Always treat your hands as though you had just painted your nails. Do not use your fingernails to peel, open, or pry things. This is going to prevent you from breaking or otherwise damaging your nails. If you feel that you need a reminder, using a colorful polish is going to serve as a constant reminder.

Additional tips

Those steps are going to ensure that your nails not only grow stronger than before, but also remain that way in the future. If you want a few more tips, we have a few suggestions to help you on your way:

  • If you want to provide an amazing moisturizing benefit to your fingers, soak your fingertips in warm olive oil once every week. Do that after you remove your nail strengthener and before you reapply it. You will not believe how invigorating this is for your skin.
  • If you are going to use polish remover, limit it to once a week. Even the non-acetone formulas have a tendency to dry out your nails. This can leave them looking and feeling brittle.

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