In the News: StocknGo’s Adam Berkowitz Joins Town Hall Meeting

Our very own Adam Berkowitz of StocknGo was selected to be one of 16 out of Linkedin’s 120 million members to join and meet President Obama at the Town Hall meeting in Silicon Valley.

That’s a huge honor, and one that Adam certainly appreciated. You can see him in the above photo being interviewed by CBS in Silicon Valley, prior to the meeting.

Last week, Obama asked for entrepreneurs’ questions on LinkedIn. The upcoming Town Hall received more than 3,000 questions. Obviously, there was a lot of interest in the event. Entrepreneurs, especially, have questions about the economy.

If you’d like to see what Adam thought about the Town Hall meeting, you can read the article at the Entrepreneur blog

If you’d like to read about the questions that went unanswered at the Town Hall meeting, head on over to The Examiner and read the article here.

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