It’s the Daily Deal! BioSilk Fruit Cocktail Treatment, 26% off!

Drumroll, please…today’s Daily Deal is BioSilk Fruit Cocktail Treatment, at the low price of $12.59. That’s 26% off, today only. I love BioSilk products; their whole line of silk therapy hair care products works with the power of heat. When you blow dry your hair or use heat styling, your hair actually becomes healthier. Silk proteins are activated by heat to penetrate and provide protection while improving the condition of your hair, which is an invaluable benefit as far as I’m concerned. Though I sometimes let my hair dry naturally, it’s more convenient to blow dry and heat style; with BioSilk, there’s no more worrying about frying your hair or damaging it just by styling every day. They give you healthier hair with incredible shine.

BioSilk Fruit Cocktail Treatment is a deep conditioner treatment that helps restore any hair back to its natural healthy state. BioSilk Fruit Cocktail Treatment is a highly advanced formula that contains alpha hydroxy fruit acids, panthenol and keratin protein. It’s good for use on any hair type, as well. Whether you need conditioner for dry hair, color treated hair, or even conditioner for curly hair, BioSilk will repair your hair and return it to a strong, beautiful condition. All silk therapy hair care products are ideal for use on all hair types, and that’s a beautiful thing.

After shampooing, you just apply BioSilk Fruit Cocktail and work it evenly through your hair. Let it sit for about 3 to 4 minutes, rinse, and then style as normal. Don’t worry about using your blow dryer, curling iron, or even a flatiron. The outstanding heat protection for your hair kicks in immediately, leaving you with soft, healthy hair.

Do you use the BioSilk products? How about the BioSilk Fruit Cocktail Treatment in particular? If so, how do you like them/it? Let me know on twitter, Facebook, or just leave a comment here.


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