Keep Your Nails Healthy

Nails are usually healthier when you keep them natural and naturally shaped. All they need is a little TLC to stay healthy and beautiful. Healthy, natural nails aren’t hard to maintain.

Of course, a lot of women like to grow their nails out long or use tips. You might also have acrylic nails, or change your nail polish frequently. If you do this, your nails will require a little extra maintenance. Moisturize regularly to keep your nails strong and beautiful.

Long nails are weaker than short nails. If you find your long nails are too flexible, a nail hardener helps to minimize chipping, breaking, and peeling.

Frequent nail splitting and breaking can actually mean that you are dehydrated. Make sure to drink plenty of water if this happens to you, and use a nail or cuticle moisturizer.

Don’t clip your nails if you want them shorter. Use an emery board and file them down to size.

Apply a top coat to help protect your nails and keep them stronger.

Use nail polish remover infrequently and try to stay away from those with acetone. Use moisturizing nail polish remover whenever possible. Many nail care professionals suggest that you use nail polish remover no more than once a week.

Use hand lotion or moisturizing lotion every time you wash your hands. Soaps tend to dry out nails and hands, and can make your cuticles dry and ragged. Moisturize your hands at night when you go to bed, and anytime you get your hands wet.

The cuticle protects the nail and keeps out bacteria. Instead of cutting the cuticle, push them back gently with a rosewood stick or a cuticle pusher. Do this after showering or bathing, or soak your hands first to soften your cuticles.

The best time to do your manicure is after showering or bathing. Your nails and cuticles will be clean and softened, and make your manicure easier.

Don’t peel or scrape off your nail polish! You can actually scrape off the nail surface, and that’s what keeps your nails safe from infection. Likewise, don’t use anything metal on the surface of your nail.

Don’t bite your nails. You can transfer bacteria into your mouth, and you can get a nail or cuticle infection.

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