Daily Deal! 2 Kodak Funsaver Single Use Cameras With Flash

The Daily Deal is ready to go! Celebrate summer – and summer vacation – and get 2 Kodak Funsaver with Flash single use cameras for the low price of $14.39. This single use camera is great for taking pictures both indoors and outdoors, as it comes with a built-in electronic-flash. There are a total of 27 exposures of ISO 400 film. That’s a savings of 23%.

What could be more fun and convenient than a single use camera? You throw it in your beach bag and take it with your wherever you go. Its there, ready and waiting to capture images of the fun you’re having over the summer. You can take it on vacation, to summer camp, or anywhere you’re likely to be having fun. Snap pictures to your heart’s content, and save your memories for posterity.

Don’t worry about waste – single use cameras are recyclable. This is what Kodak has to say about global sustainability and their single use cameras: Started in 1990, the Kodak Single Use Camera program works with photofinishing outlets to return used cameras to Kodak sorting centers, where they are then routed for recycling. Nearly every piece of the camera is either recycled or reused in the ongoing production of more Single Use Cameras, bringing down costs for consumers and keeping huge amounts of waste out of landfills. Laid end to end, the 1.5 billion cameras would stretch 120,000 miles, which is enough to circle the earth five times or reach more than halfway to the moon.

That’s a lot of recycled cameras! I’m impressed. I’m truly glad that single use cameras are recycled, and that Kodak has stepped up to the plate on this issue. Since the used single use cameras are sent right from the photofinishing outlets where the pictures are developed, there is much less chance of them ending up landfills.

Do you plan to use a Kodak Funsaver single use camera this summer? Have you used them before? What do you think about the picture quality? Tell me your opinions on twitter, Facebook, or just leave me a comment here.


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