Moisturizing Your Fine Hair

Is your fine hair dry? If so, you have a problem. You want to moisturize your hair, but you don’t want to weigh it down. Fine hair has a tendency to go limp, and any product that adds weight can add to that problem. How many times has your hair looked great in the morning, then two hours later it’s flat and limp again?

You don’t want to leave it dry, either. Dry hair is easily damaged. You’ll get more split ends, more breakage, and hair that looks dull and uncared for. So what can you do?

Pick a shampoo that is appropriate for your fine hair, first of all. You want moisture, but you want light weight moisture. TIGI Bedhead Maniac Moisture is a good choice for a light weight moisturizing shampoo for fine hair. It enhances shine, leaves hair moisturized but not heavy, and revitalizes dull, limp, dry hair.

Fine hair has a tendency to tangle, especially if it’s dry. Do you wake up in the morning with a knot of hair on the back of your head? Moisturizing your fine hair is tricky, as well – you need moisture and detangling, but you don’t want to make your hair flat or limp. A moisturizing conditioner for fine hair is essential. You want shine and manageability, but you don’t want heavy products to weigh your hair down. Be leery of leave in conditioners. They have a tendency to be heavy, and that’s the last thing you want. TIGI Bedhead Moisture Maniac makes a great conditioner for fine hair. You get shiny, manageable hair, and your style won’t fall out in hours.

If you buy both of these hair products for fine hair together from StocknGo, use MANIAC4 at checkout. That will give you $4 off. How’s that for a bargain? Your fine hair will be healthy and moisturized…at a bargain price.


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