Mother’s Day Promo Code MOM20 – In Appreciation of Moms Everywhere

Mother’s Day is a day meant for honoring our mothers. This year it falls on May 8th, 2011. Here in the United States, we celebrate our mothers on the second Sunday in May each year. Every year, I get to thinking about all the things my mother has done for me and how much I appreciate her.

This is a picture of my mother as a young woman. That’s me in her arms. Look how happy and vibrant she is; she told me once that her best memories always involve holding one of her children close. I remember being in her arms a lot as a child.

My childhood was idyllic, and that was mostly because of my mother. She loved us unconditionally, kissed our boo-boos when we hurt, and comforted us when we were sad. She pampered us when we were sick, and she rejoiced with us when we were happy. I remember her playing ‘school’ with us, taking us to the park, and cheering wildly at all my softball games.

I wouldn’t be where I am today without my mother. Her nurturing has been a lifelong thing; it doesn’t stop when you move away from home. She has encouraged me at every turn, and I don’t think that one day out of the year is enough to honor her. We should try to show our mothers how we feel about them daily. Mother’s Day is just a way to make sure that they’re getting the picture. It’s one day set aside to ensure that our mothers know how much we value them and how happy we are that they are in our life.

What are you going to do for your mother on Mother’s Day? Will she know how you cherish and admire her? Will she be proud and thrilled that you are her child? I can’t be with my mother on Mother’s Day, but I’ve sent her a gift and I’m looking forward to calling her. We’ll probably be on the phone for an hour at least, catching up and giggling like little kids. It will be the highlight of my day… and hers, if I’m lucky.

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